A letter I wrote to Best Buy with TEXT IN CAPS added by Alfonso Adinolfi

Best Buy
Bellevue, WA store  June 17, 2006

NOTE: The commentary in caps, added by a friend, does not lesson the validity of my claim regarding a bad customer experience and the sincerity of my dissatisfaction.

Customer Service:

I am a documentary and digital media producer [WITH A REALLY CUTE BUTT].  Around Christmas 2005, I bought a DV recorder JVC GR-D270 from Best Buy in Bellevue, WA. I was looking for a camera with an analog-in feature, which the previous version of this model camera did have. The JVC website specifications indicated it had the feature [AND THE INCOMPETENT, ASS EATING, FUCK STICK PARADING AS] a Best Buy salesperson assured me it had the feature.

As it turned out, this [PIECE OF SHIT] camera did not have the [GODDAMN, MOTHERFUCKING] feature. Because I was two days late [FOR MY PERIOD] and over the 14-day policy when I returned the camera, I was told [TO TAKE A FUCKING HIKE] that my only option was to return the camera for a store credit minus a restocking fee. The cost to me to return the item was approx. $60.

I told the manager that was unacceptable given the circumstances [AND THAT I WOULD PRAY TO GORGO, DARK UNDER LORD OF THE BLUE DIMENSION, THAT HE DIES IMPALED UPON A MEAT HOOK]. He said that was store policy and there was nothing he could do [UNLESS I SLEPT WITH THE ENTIRE STAFF OF BEST BUY AND SELECT DOMESTIC FARM ANIMALS] and he gave me the Best Buy 800 number, which I called. The representative I talked to gave me his name and gave me an option [BUT DUE TO YEARS OF DRUG ABUSE I CAN’T REMEMBER EITHER OR I SURELY WOULD HAVE MENTIONED IT HERE].

I called him back later several times leaving [INCOHERENT GRUNTING NOISES], my number and a message [ABOUT APPROPRIATE PIZZA TOPPINGS] but my call was never returned. I also had emailed the manager of the Bellevue store asking to be contacted [VIA CARRIER PIGEON OR SIGNAL FLARE], which I never was.

Thanks to your policy, I still have a [CASE OF HIVES AND A] camera  I do not want and the worst possible feeling about [INFINITY, PEOPLE WITH REALLY SMALL HANDS AND] shopping at Best Buy. I have not walked into the store since [AS MY MINIONS CARRY ME EVERYWHERE I GO].

Unless I am allowed to return this camera with a full refund, I will never shop there or recommend the store [UNLESS I NEED TO USE THE BATHROOM AND EVEN THEN, I WILL NOT FLUSH]!

I realize you have your policies, but if this is the result, I can’t say it’s working for you.

Char Easter
Seattle WA


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