char easter – backstory

Char Easter –  founder, writer/producer

Grounded for the summers and cut off from civilization, Char spent her teenage years riding her horse in the woods. At the age of 18 she sold her cows to travel in Europe for a year. Upon return to the states, she became part of the Seattle music scene for long enough to pass the point of common sense. Eventually she transferred her passion for music and performance to advertising and multimedia. Through it all her goal remains the same, to reach an audience with originality and emotion.

email: char [at] runchica [dot] com



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  1. Ed Roane says:

    Hi Char, As brief as the time was it was very nice to have seen you again after all these years. You look as good as you ever have. Thank you for insisting that we contact Dean. If he said its okay would you please send me his phone # and email so I may contact him again. Chae and I would like to stay in contact with you if that would be okay (we don’t get to Seattle very often). I’m looking all around your site to take it all in. Looks very interesting to me. Could you please tell me more of what I may not be seeing. I told you briefly in passing what I am doing these days. I no longer have to work for anyone, so with that I’m studying multimedia short film making. I do everything (I’m getting better,not totally there yet) from cameras, editing and packaging using Final Cut Pro X to Adobe After Effects etc. I am now working on my short documentary of the first nation people of the south Washington State Cascades – the store behind Indian Racetrack and why it is at the place it is. I want to understand the spirit of this place, I have been there 4 times now once in 1966, two times last year and once this year. Every time I go there I feel something but I don’t know what, maybe its just me a dreamer. Can you share an email that I may be able to send you some cuts of my work from time to time to see what you think. I send media through whats called WeTransfer, good for up to 2gb of video. Be Well Ed

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